If looks aren’t important to you, a web designer may not be at the top of your list of priorities when starting a business. At least, that was the case a decade ago, when a web presence was considered a luxury. Nowadays, a brand website with the potential to reach an unprecedented audience can only be achieved with the help of a professional web development firm familiar with the mechanics of search engine optimization. ROC IT POWER is your local SEO expert Rochester NY.

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SEO is the tailoring of a website’s content to reflect trends in search engine queries, ensuring a site fits the prime criteria for a top search result. Simply speaking, it’s the art of designing a site and writing its content in a way that guarantees a top result in a search engine’s result.

Why Is It Important?

If a potential customer doesn’t know exactly where to look for a product, they’re likely going to try and find an outlet for that product somewhere. The easiest option? Searching specific keywords on Google in an effort to find a list of items similar to their needs. In a perfect world, people would take their time poring over the results, comparing all their options. But this is not a perfect world, and the ugly truth is 75 percent of search engine users don’t look past the front page. If your site isn’t set up to be reflected in the first page results, you might as well not even have a web presence at all.

ROC IT POWER understands this all too well, and with years of expertise in web development have risen to the top of the heap as the SEO expert in Rochester NY. With the know-how to market your business on both a local and national scale, ROC IT POWER can create a presence for your site that goes beyond the superficial. Accepting anything less would be akin to putting a Ferrari body kit on a Ford Taurus.

What We Do

Optimizing a website for web searches is often a highly misunderstood field and therefore, often neglected.

All of our sites are optimized for search engines in several aspects: The design and functionality of the site, the written content of the page and consistent updating of the content. This involves constant research by our staff on all Google guidelines and search query trends, writing custom keyword content tailored specifically for search engine results and, of course, a site designed specifically to foster favorable bias from search engine content filters. Combining several elements together, we can maximize your site’s chances of appearing highly on search engines.

Services Included

There are many aspects to maximizing your exposure on search engines. Looking at the field, we’ve highlighted several key areas of service we provide to ensure you can take the fullest possible advantage of the system on any scale you would like. These include

Keyword Research

Our staff is constantly researching data of which words get searched at what frequency among a diverse range of demographics to ensure your business is easily visible to those trying to find you. Essentially, we research the way your market thinks, and adapt to it. By tailoring keywords to fit your intended audience, we can not only elevate your exposure among that group, but we make it effortless for those looking for your services to find you.

Customized Content

Search engines bias specific sites for keyword clouds, awkwardly written text and other detriments highlighting a piece of writing for “lack of quality” in a search. Consequentially, an extremely specialized style of writing is needed to optimize text content. With this in mind, ROC IT POWER employs a team of writers trained in writing optimized text. They can not only write content more prone to appear highly in search results, but do so in a way that is both subtle and effective.

We also offer blogging services, which have been shown to increase web traffic. All blogs are also optimized for search engines, to ensure the entire site is given as much exposure as possible.

Optimized Design

Search engines bias sites by scanning the content of the page. If anything interrupts the flow of this scan, the search engine will likely give the page a negative bias, dropping its ranking in the search results. All of our sites are designed in a way to accommodate these processes, ensuring that, even if the content is solid and the keywords are flawless, nothing will hold your site back from appearing highly.

ROC IT POWER also utilizes responsive web design technology, which helps a great deal in search results, especially today.

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