Contrary to popular belief, getting your business a successful presence online is NOT an easy process. Sure, it might be easier than ever to get a website, get a social media page and manage the content put onto them. So easy, literally everybody is doing it now. Right?

To stand out among the scrum, you need to be able to be seen at the very least by everyone using the internet on any device. For this to be possible, you need a web designer well-versed in responsive web design. This is why we offer responsive web design on all of our sites.

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Responsive web design is essentially the art of making a website look good and easy to use on any medium, all the way from mobile devices to your own computer. This involves properly formatting a site and its elements for viewing on different size screens, all while maintaining the functionality and consistent ease of use seen on the desktop version of the site.

Aspects Of Responsive Design

Responsive web design, with the recent rise in prominence of browsing on mobile devices, is for designers a challenge of creating a site optimized for mobile viewing. Having a mobile ready website or a tablet ready website is extremely vital. Considering the prominence of mobile devices for browsing nowadays, it would be advisable to find a designer well-versed in creating sites designed for this purpose.

With this in mind, designs need to be adapted for 1) aesthetic excellence and 2) ease of use on all screen sizes. The limited space available on an iPhone, for instance, would require a different level of finesse as opposed to the designer’s eye needed for viewing on an iPad.

Why Is Responsive Web Design Important?

More than 60 percent of all web traffic in the entire world is generated by mobile users. If you have a site that more than half of your potential clients can’t even see, much less interact with, you aren’t going to have too much success.

Responsive web design is meant to cover all your bases. By opening yourself up to more possibilities of interaction with a client, you open yourself up to additional possibilities for new business. For instance, your average American spends 162 minutes, or more than two hours, on their phones every day. That’s two hours somebody spends staring at a tablet. A portion of which you—and your business—could potentially occupy. Considering the average user only spends around 15 seconds on a webpage, with a mobile device, a site difficult to use would often result in more people spending their time elsewhere, where browsing and navigation is easier.

To defeat this concern, finding a web designer experienced in this is well worth finding. At ROC IT POWER, our compiled experience includes years working with mobile compatibility and ensuring your brand is seen in the correct light, no matter where it’s discovered.

If you’re still not convinced in the importance of responsive web design, keep in mind mobile and desktop internet usage accounts for the second and third most-viewed forms of media available, behind live television. When you also take into consideration your viewing audience isn’t getting younger along with the decline in television viewership, it’d be a good idea to make your web presence as strong and presentable as possible.

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