professional web design Rochester NYKeeping pace with the quickly changing media landscape is no longer a DIY type of job any more. Customers are attracted to beautifully designed, well laid out sites. They want ease of use, and they want a visual gateway to a business that provides statement beyond the abilities of a weekend coder. For a truly powerful, lasting impression such as this, you’re going to need a professional.

Technology has become a fundamental aspect of modern society. Children are raised on it, the professional world is literate in its use and traditional commerce once relying on billboard space and an easy-to-reach address is quickly shifting from the avenues and streets to the information highway.

Why Do I Need A Web Designer?

Many have often heard the phrase “first impressions are everything.” When your average customer only stays on a web page for 15 seconds or less, retaining their attention is crucial. While you may think people only come to your website for the information you have written down, a website nowadays is literally a window into your business. A poorly-maintained site, aesthetically or responsively, is going to be a poor representative of your business, especially if you want to be taken seriously.


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Design for the web has quickly become a science on its own. There’s a technique in driving viewer attention to certain elements on a page. There are sophisticated aspects of coding in design that take hours to make operational. Even making a site visually appealing at first glance is an art form in itself.

Behind the scenes development and support, such as observing metrics of your site and getting additional traffic to your site is another area where someone with expertise may be needed. In layman’s terms, you can always buy a Ferrari, but finding someone to keep it running is another story entirely.

Approaches To Effective Design

A great website, especially today, should fulfill two needs: Functionality and ease of use. Beyond that, there’s nothing truly pertinent in making your website usable. The real question you have to ask yourself at this point is whether or not you want people to actually visit and use it.

The world around us and how it uses the web has become a sort of “white rabbit” for web designers, with many different areas of study needed to be pored over in order to make a site effective in appealing to your wanted audience. This is where a trained web designer’s expertise comes into play.

Communication In Design

Your website may primarily be a gateway to your business, but it can also serve as the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal. With the broadest audience known to man, a webpage on the internet has the potential to be seen by more consumers than any billboard or newspaper ad could possibly hope to reach. Of course, this demands the proper demographic research in finding the appropriate aesthetic and voice for the content on your site.

Interactive Design

As distant as it may seem, a visit to your webpage is still an experience for your user. You want it to be a positive, pain-free one, mostly because frustration with your website could often cause many to not return.

Page layouts, and how it interacts with the features on your page, should look and feel organic. Ideally, layouts should be visually appealing and content-heavy while still providing ease of access to all areas of your site. Effective designs, such as the plans offered here, encourage clicking your way to a solution rather than searching, to make the user’s experience in finding anything a simple one.

Layouts should also adapt to the size of someone’s screen. Called a fluid layout, this is an area of work best suited to the trained hands of a professional designer.

Visual Appeal

Web design is mainly geared toward building a highly-functioning machine of a site. But standing out with your site, in a marketing sense, is where the ability of your site to stand out and state your organization’s credibility, is where a web designer could prove important. With an eye for the visual layout of the site, the designer would organize a format to efficiently market your content on the site in a visually tasteful way.

The incorporation of other mediums—such as graphics—would be up to the designer as well.

Is A Website Really That Important?

If you told any ad executive a space existed with the potential to reach nearly 300 million Americans, you’d have sold him instantly. Unfortunately, the market online is fairly saturated, with more than half of all small businesses having a website.

A web presence is also essential for any serious business looking to reach the 97 percent of consumers looking for local products and research online. With a web designer, you would have assistance in expanding your local brand, through techniques including

  • SEO optimized content
  • Local Search Engine Promotion

And with an eye for the aesthetic design of the site, a web designer could create a visual statement for a business, helping to establish them more effectively as a brand. And through this medium, you have to keep in mind that potential customers and clients have the ability to see and interact with your brand 24 hours a day. If they happen upon your site, you’ll need to make a great impression.

It’s also a great portal for communication and open dialogue with your clientele. A website might be a potential first interaction with your brand for a client, especially if they’re a further distance away. By having the ability to relate to your client right from the first interaction with your brand, any time of day, that’s a market you really can’t afford to stay out of. A web designer could help you stand out among the crowd. With a trained eye for what’s important to both you and the industry, the designer has an ability to provide a creative flair that comes with one’s experience.

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