In social situations, a good host always makes sure visitors are always taken care of. Why should it be any different on the web? With our services, we ensure your site is always functioning up-to-speed and most importantly, accessible at all hours of the day.

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is essentially the service allowing your site to be online. Companies offering hosting maintain a number of servers that not only store the data and information your website contains, but keep it connected to the internet and allow for its day to day operations to take place.

Effective hosts typically offer support across a number of different functions on a site. Some services one would expect to see in terms of hosting include

  • Email Hosting
  • Domain Name Servicing
  • File Hosting

Certain hosts are more-feature laden than others. Oftentimes, this will be apparent in their pricing, with operations hosting greater bandwidth needs charging more.

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Our Hosting Services

We offer completely full-service hosting with 99.9 percent uptime commitment. If something goes wrong on your site, only a bizarre act of nature will keep us from getting you back online.

Options available with our services are

  • Complex Managed Hosting Referring to both our physical dedicated servers and virtual servers, we offer a level of administrative and engineering support that allows both increased space and complexity in the infrastructure of our sites. We take over most of the managerial duties and will cover everything from security, memory, storage and IT support.
  • Dedicated hosting We host the site. The rest is up to you. Dedicated hosting providers own and manage the system while full managerial control goes to the client. This would involve monitoring the server for efficiency and the upkeep of information backup services. Other duties would include the installation and maintenance of site security and technical support.
  • Virtual private server This is running sites virtually and linking them to a physical server maintained and operated by us.
  • Cloud hosting Similar to renting out a virtual timeshare, you would only pay for what you use, to be renegotiated as your computing requirements change.

We also offer hosting support for a number of different features available to our sites, such as hosting for shopping carts, forums and email. We also offer analytic support, allowing you to not only glean all the site data you need, but learn to tailor your services to better suit your clientele as well.

While some services are oriented to specific needs such as elevated security or greater memory, we focus on a more versatile service. It’s large enough to host your data needs while also staying protected against the more nefarious online threats that exist on the web.

A good web host should make you feel safe and welcome on the web, providing a level of service one would expect anywhere else in the outside world.

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