With online purchasing, there’s no driving involved and no extensive store-by-store searches. Just a few keystrokes and clicks will get a product shipped to somebody and money put in your account at the speed of your modem. With this level of convenience comes a new challenge: To make the big sale, you need to be able to make it effortless.

Our websites are designed for the optimal internet shopping experience, with the highest quality shopping cart you’ll be able to find on the web. Our designs aim to make the process of purchasing a product a simple one, from the first view of the product all the way to the checkout.

Features include:

  1. Full Administrative Control
  2. Ability To Edit And Add Products
  3. Order Management
  4. Invoicing

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Why A Good Commercial Site Matters

Economics are all about numbers. On the internet, there are several significant numbers that effectively describe the sheer vastness of the online economy. Of the 88 percent of North Americans online, around two-thirds made a purchase through the internet. In terms of looking to buy, nearly all of those users researched a product online before buying.

Internet shopping is easy. It’s also pretty widespread. Frankly, if your customer has a difficult time buying from you, they can take their business elsewhere just as quickly and as easily. It certainly helps to avoid anything like this.

While browsing an online seller’s inventory easily and efficiently is an important aspect of selling online, the most important part of the process is the part where you get paid and they get their product. Having a solid interface at the point of sale is a sure way to make this process effortless. Payments shouldn’t be a multi-step process, and customers should be able to organize and view their cart with ease.

Online sales are a highly competitive racket. Shipping can be done internationally and your business might have to compete with thousands of other places, all selling similar products at similar prices. Don’t give your clientele any reason to move on.

Administrative Benefits

Any good retailer knows inventories changed based on both market trends and the changing taste of the consumer. They need to be able to manage exactly what they have for sale and what they don’t as easily as the customer can buy it. A high-quality sales interface would give you the ability to not only add and remove products, but edit them quickly and easily with updated process, descriptions and images as well.

The ability to manage orders is also an essential attribute our services include. Making sure your client gets their order quickly and intact is, obviously, something any reputable business would want to manage to the point. With order management, you can not only monitor the status of orders, but you can also track your income and invoice customers as well.

Running a business in the “real world” is difficult enough. With the internet in place as a way to simplify the way we buy and sell, why should an online business be any more difficult than it should be?

Attributes Of A Good e-Commerce Site

You’re dealing with a lot of sensitive information online, especially where people’s credit information is concerned. Our sites feature extensive security measures used to not only protect your client, but your business as well, including:

  • Compatibility With Multiple Encrypted Payment Gateways (PayPal, CoIn Base, etc.)
  • Multiple Currencies
  • SSL Certification
  • Level 1 PCI Compliance

As for protecting your reputation, we also offer automated shipping and shipping rate calculations to make sure your customers are truly getting their fair shake when payment is sent. It causes less headaches for both sides, and gives you and your calculator a well-deserved break.

Can I Do It Myself?

A lot of the intricate parts of an e-commerce interface need to be implemented in the bloodline of the website itself; the code. If even a single incorrect character is entered into the code line, the entire system is subject to failure. Long story short, it’s something best left to a professional.

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