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We frame our clients’ vision through an artists’ eye to ensure a customer of ROC IT POWER is proud and excited about what they get.

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The world might be fast, but technology is even faster. We work tirelessly to ensure our work is always on the cutting edge of it all.

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A website can make a good impression by being beautiful, but we know it’s important to maintain the conversation to really ‘wow’ your audience.

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A website is the business card of the 21st century, existing for three purposes; to impress, to relate, and to let the world know exactly what you’re all about. Our designs command attention with creative, innovative designs and maintain that attention with an unparalleled user experience. It’s the perfect marriage of brains and beauty.

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Search Engine Optimization

The World Wide Web is a vast, scary place. Many web designers can design you a great looking website, however, once finished, they tend to leave you in the scrum with no guide to navigate the web. Our industry leading techniques and knowledge will help you conquer the mysteries of the internet, and get you found on top of your competition.

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Professional e-Commerce

There has been a huge shift towards shopping online with many taking their dollars to the web as their preferred choice. A combination of fast searching and convenient delivery makes an easy winner. With everything you need to get up and running, let us build you a professional online store today.

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It’s never been easier to get your business a presence on the internet. But who takes pride in simply being at the party? ROC IT POWER offers more than just a door to the possibilities of the web; we make your presence count.

We consider ourselves the best premium web development firm in the Rochester area, and for good reason. Not only do we offer completely custom, beautifully-designed websites, but we equip them with all the utility and convenience you need to efficiently say exactly what you need to say. We offer the perfect alloy of digital artistry and workman-like usability to not only make you stand out aesthetically, but professionally as well.

Our diverse and talented staff offers solutions for any quandary on the web. When you think Web Design Rochester NY, you think of ROC IT POWER. But we are more than just beautiful web design. All sites come equipped and optimized for discovery on search engines such as Google, making sure that even if your business wasn’t exactly what someone was looking for, they’ll be sure to see you. Even the world’s greatest site can’t be discovered without a means of discovery, after all. Through our search engine optimization services, we’ll open up the channels for clients to come directly to you, opening up all possibilities for fresh eyes and open ears that the web has to offer.

We also offer solutions for online browsing and shopping with professional e-commerce solutions, ensuring your products will not only be presented professionally, but can be sold both conveniently and safely. All transactions are protected with the latest internet securities. Though our e-commerce sites are feature-laden, we incorporate these elements with an aesthetic grace and elegance only an artist’s eye could envision. In everyday life, a storefront of note is needed to get people off the street and perusing the shelves. Why would it be any different online?

A premium website is an investment that shows you’re serious about elevating the profile of your business. Though word of mouth and quality work on your part has its place in building a reputation, selling the idea of your business to an uninterested public requires an attractive sales pitch. We understand for many, making that positive first impression can be a daunting task. We can take your ideas and vision and distill it to the very essence of your business, fulfilling every need you may have from promoting your business to helping it make money. We can elevate the profile of your business, introducing you to an audience you previously thought was unreachable. We can give your name a weight it has never carried before, with the looks to match. We don’t just put your business on the web. We give it a face your clients can look upon and come back to.

We are Rochester New York’s premier web development firm for a reason, and not just because of our pride in the quality of our work. We understand premium web design isn’t just a necessary expense-it’s an investment in your brand’s identity.


ROC IT POWER has recently decided to stop offering hosting services to its new clients. If you already have a hosting plan with us, we will continue to provide you with these services.

Hosting, in a nutshell, is where your website is stored. It’s like a cloud-based hard drive, that is accessed once someone types your domain name in the address bar. There are many types of hosting options out there for you, from shared hared hosting plans, all the way up to dedicated servers. There are many features to consider, but most small to medium sized business will more than likely get away with simply purchasing shared hosting plans. Nearly every website we build here at ROC IT POWER, is developed on the WordPress platform. So knowing this, we recommend a hosting service provider that caters fore WordPress. Here is a useful blog post, outlining the top 10 cheap hosting plans that provide full compatibility with WordPress. Remember to look at more than just the price though. Consider the speed, security and space too.

If you have any questions regarding web hosting, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team and they will be happy to answer them for you.

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